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I am fortunate enough to come across some brilliant new music and videos by some of the best unsigned and independent artists the UK has to offer which I will share with you here. If you are looking for mainstream artists or music that is heard everywhere you are in the wrong place, this page is dedicated the up and coming talent that you will have heard on my radio show!


Remember, if you like what you see/hear feel free to contact the artists directly. You can also catch these tunes, plus more of the same. on my radio show every Saturday on 

Figure Flows continues to launch his attack on the Grime scene with this latest offering

Great tune with a beat that creatively samples a well known 90's classic

Stormzy goes in on this One Take freestyle and also throws shots at a certain individual who has expressed disapproval with some of Stormzys actions

Nolay touches on a subject which is clearly close to her heart

Cherri V samples this 90's classic and flips it to sing a song a lot of us can relate to

Nick Brewer has an undenyable flow and kills this beat with his One Take freestyle

Cadet takes 5 and a half minutes of some of your time to spit some of the realest lyrics

One of my favourite UK artists returns with this single from his forthcoming project

This track is a banger but this fast Giggs flow steals the show

Ghetts One Take track was one of the hottest tracks at the end of 2015. Koder enters 2016 with his own version full of his usual energy

Making great use of this sample from Ameires 1 Thing, Elf Kid goes in on this track whilst repping his ends

Glad to see this talented duo create a visual for this track sampling 2Pac's Do For Love

With all the hype generated from this track from the 653 EP, Ghetts has created a new official video for this banger

Chip released his free mixtape Rap Vs Grime on Christmas Day. The video for this colab with Stormzy was also released on the same day

2am is the first single and video taken from Crits Wake Up EP featuring verses from talented UK artists Ms Banks and Che Lingo

This tune has created a lot of hype on the roads. Look out for the remix featuring Ms Banks and Steff London

Not 100% sure I understand the lyrics and this lyric video leaves me slightly confused but I can't deny how catchy I find this song by Jodie Abacus

A recent favourite artist to have his music played on The Lukan Online show, Madz releases his first ever video for this track called She Wants

Yungen & MoStack jump on the instrumental of In2 and do a great job of it. Check out this video

One Take has everyone talking and people creating instagram posts based on this tune taken from the new 653 EP by Ghetts and Rude Kid

Taken from her new EP Optic, Weyinmi shoots and releases Creep as her lead single

After a successful first song, Avalanch and Christian June team up for this track from Avalanch's forthcoming project

This song is my guilty pleasure. I don't want to like this song by a former Saturdays girl but it's a great piece of music

The first track taken from his T.R.I.P EP Che Lingo displays his unique flow over  a smooth saxophone lead beat. Look out for Lukan Online Jnr in this video

One of the best Grime MC's of the moment. Row D releases this video from his Dim Dim EP

With 120,000 views in 12 hours it's only right this banger by Stormzy gets the acknowledgement it deserves

The fantastic Louis Mattrs releases this video featuring two of the tracks from his forthcoming EP Sound Waves

This track has probably received more positive feedback than any other that I have played on my show. Watch the video to Izzy Bizu's White Tiger

A beautiful piece of work by Rachel Kerr and made it to number 1 in the DejaVu official independent chart

He kept us waiting but the new video by Tray Avlon is finally here

Kano takes his fans videos and creates this official video for his new song Garage Skank

Was it predictable he might use this sample from a previous Dizzee Rascal song? Regardless, it's a banger and now has a video 

A favourite with listeners to the Lukan Online show, Etta Bond has released this visual to reinforce the points she raises in this great sone

WSTRN release the video for the remix of their tune In 2 by recreating the original version of the original video that was scrapped and re released (see below)... Confused?... Don't be, just enjoy

This exceptionally talented producer follows up from the release of her EP entitled Version 2.0 with this banger featuring the vocal talent of Louise LaBelle

Twitter - @HannahV

Young O brings you a simple but effective video to complement his simple but effective delivery of his new song 

Twitter - @OfficialYoungO

This track has set the streets on fire! Taken from the Don't Panic album

Nadia Rose from South London is the future... Watch this space

Twitter - @nadiarosemusic

This gorgeous trio of females get together and collaborate on this catchy track

Ady returns with this great effort and teams up his distinct sound with American rapper Joey Badass

Twitter - @AdySuleiman

After releasing the original video for In2 the trio have been signed and changed their name before shooting this new version of the official video for the same song.

Twitter - @WSTRNmusic


Using skippy flows and clever bars from some of his peers (whom he credits) Figure Flows drops this banger!


One of the most respected independent artists in the UK, Shakka (with two K's) has recently signed a deal with Epic and also released this remix of Say Nada featuring JME

Twitter - @iAmShakka

No official video but this is definately one of my favourite tracks of the year. Raf Riley teams up with Etta Bond, Avelino and Dun D

All-round nice production on this release from Streakz who took his time in perfecting his craft. I'm sure we will see more quality bangers from this artist.

Twitter - @StreakzMusic

After releasing a lyric video, Tiggs Da Author finally released the official video for this catchy tune. If you recognise it, it maybe because, you have heard it repeatedly played on my show, on the radio or, for a Graham Norton promo commercial.

Twitter - @TiggsDaAuthor

One of my favourite songs of 2015. Ady drops this infectious tune that you cannot help but like. Check out the skatting in the 3rd verse

Twitter - @AdySuleiman

Such a simple flow but so effective. Check out this banger by Joe Grind "Prince Of The Narm"

The first release from her 'Thoughts Of A Woman EP', Dere Marie samples this club friendly beat to create a catchy tune that will have you nodding whether you realise it or not. Cee Lode also features.

Twitter - @Dere_Marie

Another contender for my favourite track of 2015. Dornik releases this lead track from his self entitled album. Some say the track has a Pharrell vibe. Regardless if you agree or not, the natural groove of this track cannot be denied.

Twitter - @DornikSpeaks

Featuring the talented Bibi Bourelly (whom you may not be aware of, who has written for the likes of Rhianna), Nick Brewer released this Talk To Me taking a sample from the well known 'Gypsy Woman' track. Hopefully Nick will acheive chart success.

Twitter - @ItsNickBrewer

If you do not have your copy of the Version 2.0 EP by Hannah V you need to treat yourself. The sound of this EP cannot be pigeon holed and that is what makes it unique. Hannah V has been working tirlessly on her craft.

Twitter - @HannahV

Released early Jaunuary 2015, this is one of my favourite songs. Emmavie teams up with Ego Ella May to put together this beautiful piece of work.

Twitter - @EmmavieSXF

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